I like to create and live new stories, and…the new one for 2016 is the cultivation of Aronia.

Aronia or black chokeberry is among the so called super foods and itself possesses one of the highest levels of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, which have been proved to protect human sells from oxidative damage, caused by free radicals.

Someone interested may find several information and extensive analysis of all the aronia benefits on our bodies.

That is why, I decided to procced to cultivation. Now, I proudly present you my 20.000 sq. Meters surface of aronia plants cultivated in Pella prefecture in Greece, the land of Alexander The Great. The following pictures present the process of my cultivation from plantation this February 2016 until this spring.

The goal is to produce my own fruit crop and try to promote it locally and internationally, once the first production is ready next summer.

So long!